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The Edmonton Journal, March 30, 1981, concluded an article on Lester Pearson’s cover-up for Soviet spy John Watkins:

A remaining question is why Pearson and the Liberal hierarchy decided to cover up for Watkins.

Was it simply because Pearson and Watkins were huge personal friends?

If so, this meant that Pearson’s own priorities came ahead of those of Canadians in general.

Or was it because letting one skeleton out of the closet would lead to many more exposures and create shattering embarrassment for the Liberal bureaucracy?

E. D. Ward-Harris, Editor of the Victoria Times-Colonist, reviewing Chapman Pincher’s remarkable book, Their Trade is Treachery, in the May 30, 1981 issue, says that the mind ‘boggles’ at the extent of Soviet penetration in high government circles, and adds: “Why, after reading this book it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that some Western president or prime minister had been recruited by the KGB in his youth and was taking his orders from Moscow Centre through a handy controller. It wouldn’t surprise me at all…”

That would explain a lot of things of recent years, wouldn’t it!

We read in the Scripture: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” The fog of treason and apathy is slowly lifting. The facts and reality are beginning to emerge. May this booklet make a modest contribution to a national awakening.