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By far the most serious coup administered against freedom in Canada was the seizure of control of the federal Liberal Party by Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his leftist clique in 1968. Since Trudeau seized the levers of federal power Canada has been politically, constitutionally, and now economically in turmoil and disintegration. Language problems have been exacerbated, regional issues have been aggravated and the feeling of alienation and separation has spread across this country. And, of course, in foreign policy, Trudeau has shifted us onto the side of Castro and close to the Soviet Union. Forget the possibility of ‘revolution’ in our country. In Canada, the revolution was!

Now, this should not be too surprising to Canadians if they really knew the background of their Prime Minister. This background was carefully researched, documented, and published in the March 1968 issue of The Canadian Intelligence Service — before Mr. Trudeau was even leader of the Liberal Party. While this revelation evoked in lib-left circles a great deal of teeth-gnashing, superficial denials, and smear against the Service and its publisher, the background documentation has never been refuted, and today may be found even in Hansard. Following, are excerpts from that original report:

1940: “Booted out of the Canadian Officer Training Corps (COTC) during the War for lack of discipline.” (Toronto Star, Mar. 3, 1968)

1941: Associated with anti-War and Red-supported Bloc Populaire in undermining war effort.

1945: Enrolled at Harvard, spawning ground of leftist intellectuals.

1947: Attended London School of Economics. Told Norman DePoe that Prof. Harold Laski, the Marxist, was “the most stimulating and powerful influence he has encountered.” (Weekend Magazine No. 13, 1966)

1950: Was in Shanghai when the Communists took over, and became a rabid admirer of Mao Tse-tung and his Red regime.

1951: Back in Montreal, he launched the leftist publication Cité Libre. Among the well-known Reds who collaborated, we note: Prof. Raymond Boyer (convicted of Soviet espionage in the Gouzenko Case); Stanley B. Ryerson, leading theoretician of the Communist Party and editor of Marxist Review; Pierre Gelinas, Quebec director of Agitation & Propaganda (“Agitprop”) of the Communist Party.

1952: Led delegation of Communists to the Moscow Economic Conference.

1953: Barred entry into the USA as an “inadmissible” person.

1955: Launched Le Rassemblement, a leftist “united front” rally in Quebec, but the CCF refused to join because it was too leftist.

1960: Led a Communist delegation to Peking for Red victory celebration.

1961: Social Purpose for Canada, the socialist handbook written by Marxist and NDP leaders, was published, containing a chapter by Mr. Trudeau in which he lauds Mao Tse-tung, urges socialists not to “water down” their socialism but to make its approach more “flexible,” and to welcome federalism “as a valuable tool which permits dynamic parties to plant socialist governments in certain provinces, from which the seed of radicalism can slowly spread.”

1962: Amidst protests, this millionaire leftist succeeded in gaining appointment as a professor at University of Montreal, which became a pro-Castro stronghold. Appointed to executive of Red-line Canadian Peace Research institute.

1963: Campaigned with NDP against Liberals, whom he called “idiots” because they had decided to accept nuclear defence weapons.

1965: Having decided to use the Liberal Party as an instrument to propel himself to political power, he and leftists Jean Marchand and Gérard Pelletier became ‘Liberals’ and were elected to Parliament, where they formed the “New Guard” of the Liberal Party.

1966: Appointed Parliamentary Secretary to P.M. Lester Pearson.

1967: Named Minister of Justice. Credited in Communist press with intervening personally to reinstate hippie rag Georgia Straight, which had been banned by Vancouver Mayor Campbell for obscenity.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau leads Communist delegation in Moscow, 1952. Bills paid by Communist Party of Canada.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau leads Communist delegation in Moscow, 1952. Bills paid by Communist Party of Canada.

To the left of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is the report of the Reds’ International Economic Conference held in Moscow in 1952. To the right is the part of that report listing Canadian delegates. Former Communist Marcus Hancock has testified that the Canadian delegation, headed by Trudeau, was organized by Canada’s Communist Party, which paid the delegates’ bills. Hancock, himself a delegate, says everyone he knew in the delegation was a Party member.

Introduced bill to legalize abortion and homosexuality, spearheading drive to shift Canadian justice from Scriptural to Humanistic basis.

1968: Moving, behind fantastic Press-TV buildup, towards leadership of Liberal Party and Primeministry of Canada.

Within 24 months of wresting control of the federal Liberal Party, our new Fabian-Socialist* Prime Minister had already begun to surreptitiously change the course of our country. Ottawa columnist Lubor Zink, in his May 25, 1971 column, let the cat out of the bag when he wrote:

Two years ago, discussing his operation of the ship of state, Prime Minister Trudeau told an interviewer: ‘One has to be in the wheelhouse to see what shifts are taking place. I know that we have spun the wheel and I know that the rudder is beginning to press against the waves and the sea . . . but perhaps the observer, who is on the deck and smoking his pipe, or drinking his tea, sees the horizon much in the same direction and doesn’t realize it, but perhaps he will find himself disembarking at a different island than the one he thought he was sailing for.

So steadily, but gradually, in the best Fabian style, did the Prime Minister spin the wheel and change our course, that an examination of our Canada just 13 years later reveals staggering evidence of an incredible revolutionary change.

But let us examine a few more aspects of national security and the cover-up of subversion under the Trudeau regime.